EOD Mets

This input is used for staging


**Note 1:** Peritoneal spread is common in appendiceal tumors and is coded as 30 if limited to the peritoneum. Peritoneal implants involving abdominopelvic organs, such as the serosa of the small or large bowel and the surface of the ovary, spleen, or liver, should be coded as 30, regardless of whether implants demonstrate infiltration of underlying tissue, manifested as invasion. Nonperitoneal metastasis, such pleuropulmonary involvement is rare and would be coded as 50. **Note 2:** Use code 70 when the only information is “distant metastasis, NOS,” and there is no documentation regarding the specific metastases. * If there are specific metastasis documented that are not listed in codes 10, 30, 40, or 50, assign code 50 for “other specified distant metastasis.”




Code Description SS2018 M
00 No distant metastasis Unknown if distant metastasis NONE
10 Intraperitoneal acellular mucin - WITHOUT peritoneal mucinous deposits containing tumor cells or UNKNOWN D
30 Intraperitoneal metastasis (peritoneal carcinomatosis) - WITH or WITHOUT peritoneal mucinous deposits containing tumor cells D
40 Distant lymph node(s) - Inferior mesenteric - Superior mesenteric - Distant lymph node(s), NOS D
50 Non-peritoneal metastasis WITH or WITHOUT distant lymph nodes or intraperitoneal spread Intraperitoneal spread WITH distant lymph nodes Other specified distant metastasis Carcinomatosis * Excludes peritoneal carcinomatosis (see EOD Mets code 30) D
70 Distant metastasis, NOS D
99 Death Certificate Only U
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