EOD Regional Nodes

This input is used for staging


**Note 1:** Hepatoduodenal nodes are regional for primaries of the lesser curvature of the stomach (C165). They are coded in EOD Mets for all other subsites in this schema. **Note 2:** Metastatic nodules in the fat adjacent to a gastric carcinoma, without evidence of residual lymph node tissue, are classified as regional node metastases, but nodules implanted on peritoneal surfaces are classified as distant metastases (see EOD Mets). **Note 3:** Code 800 if regional lymph nodes are involved, but there is no indication which ones are involved.




Code Description SS2018 N
000 No regional lymph node involvement NONE
300 Celiac artery Common hepatic artery Hepatic, NOS Left gastric (superior gastric), NOS - Cardial, NOS - Cardioesophageal - Gastric artery - Gastric, left - Gastrohepatic - Gastropancreatic, left - Lesser curvature - Lesser omentum - Paracardial Pancreaticosplenic (pancreaticolineal) Perigastric, NOS Peripancreatic Pyloric, NOS - Infrapyloric (subpyloric) - Suprapyloric Right gastric (inferior gastric, NOS) - Gastrocolic - Gastroduodenal - Gastroepiploic (gastro-omental), right or NOS - Gastrohepatic - Greater curvature - Greater omentum - Pancreaticoduodenal Splenic (lineal), NOS - Gastroepiploic (gastro-omental), left - Splenic hilar/hilum Nodule(s) in perigastric fat RN
400 Lesser curvature (C165) - Hepatoduodenal D
800 Regional lymph node(s), NOS Lymph node(s), NOS RN
999 Unknown; regional lymph node(s) not stated Regional lymph node(s) cannot be assessed Not documented in medical record Death Certificate Only U
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