High Risk Cytogenetics


**Note 1:** Physician statement of presence or absence of high-risk cytogenetics can be used to code this data item. **Note 2:** Record this data item based on physician statement or FISH test interpretation performed at diagnosis (pre-treatment). **Note 3:** If the presence/absence of high-risk cytogenetics determined by available test results differs from the physician statement of presence/absence, the physician's statement takes precedence. **Note 4:** If there is no mention of high risk cytogenetics, code 9. **Note 5:** If Schema Discriminator 1: Plasma Cell Myeloma Terminology is coded to 1 or 9, code 5.




NAACCR #3857


Code Description
0 High-risk cytogenetics not identified/not present
1 High-risk cytogenetics present
5 Schema Discriminator 1: Plasma Cell Myeloma Terminology coded to 1 or 9
7 Test ordered, results not in chart
9 Not documented in medical record High Risk Cytogenetics not assessed or unknown if assessed