Breslow Tumor Thickness

This input is used for staging


**Note 1:** Physician statement of Breslow Tumor Thickness can be used to code this data item when no other information is available, or the available information is ambiguous. **Note 2:** Code Breslow tumor thickness, not size. Record actual measurement in tenths of millimeters from the pathology report. Measurement given in hundredths of millimeters should be rounded to the nearest tenth. * ***Examples:*** 0.4 mm - 0.4 1.0 mm- 1.0 2.5 mm - 2.5 2.56 mm- 2.6 11 mm - 11.0 12.35 mm - 12.4 **Note 3:** Code the greatest measured thickness from any procedure performed on the lesion, whether it is described as a biopsy or an excision. * For ***example,*** if a punch biopsy with a thickness of 1.5 mm is followed by a re-excision with a thickness of residual tumor of 0.2 mm, code 1.5. **Note 4:** If there are multiple procedures and the pathologist adds the measurement together to get a final Breslow’s depth, the registrar can use this. * Do not add the measurements together, only the pathologist can do this **Note 5:** If the pathologist describes the thickness as "at least," use the appropriate A code. An exact measurement takes precedence over A codes. * If the pathologist states "greater than" instead of "at least", code to XX.9, unless it is greater than 9.9 mm (Code AX.0) * ***Examples:*** Pathologist states the thickness is "at least 2.0 mm." Code A2.0 Pathologist states the thickness is "greater than 4 mm." Code XX.9




NAACCR #3817


Code Description
0.0 No mass/tumor found
0.1 Greater than 0.0 and less than or equal to 0.1
0.2-99.9 0.2 - 99.9 millimeters
XX.1 100 millimeters or larger
A0.1-A9.9 Stated as "at least" some measured value of 0.1 to 9.9
AX.0 Stated as greater than 9.9 mm
XX.8 Not applicable: Information not collected for this schema (If this item is required by your standard setter, use of code XX.8 will result in an edit error)
XX.9 Not documented in medical record Microinvasion; microscopic focus or foci only and no depth given Cannot be determined by pathologist In situ melanoma Breslow Tumor Thickness not assessed or unknown if assessed