FIGO Stage Vagina


**Note 1:** Take the highest Federation Internationale de Gynecologie et d'Obstetrique (FIGO) stage documented in the medical record. Do not attempt to code FIGO stage based only on T, N, and M. If FIGO stage is not documented in the medical record, code 99. FIGO stage is not the same as FIGO grade. Only code FIGO stage in this field, do not code FIGO grade. **Note 2:** If a stage group is stated but it does not specify that it is a FIGO stage, assume that it is a FIGO stage and code it. **Note 3:** The FIGO stage definitions do not include Stage 0 (Tis). Code 97 for any case that is in situ (/2).




NAACCR #3836


Code Description
01 FIGO Stage I
20 FIGO Stage II
30 FIGO Stage III
40 FIGO Stage IV
41 FIGO Stage IVA
42 FIGO Stage IVB
97 Carcinoma in situ (intraepithelial, noninvasive, preinvasive)
98 Not applicable: Information not collected for this case (If this item is required by your standard setter, use of code 98 will result in an edit error.)
99 Not documented in patient record FIGO stage not assessed or unknown if assessed