EOD Primary Tumor

This input is used for staging




Code Description SS2018 T
000 In situ, intraepithelial, noninvasive IS
100 Single invasive tumor confined/limited to thyroid Multiple foci confined/limited to thyroid Into thyroid capsule, but not beyond Confined/limited to thyroid, NOS Localized, NOS L
200 Gross extrathyroidal extension invading - Pericapsular soft tissue/connective tissue - Strap muscle(s) + Omohyoid + Sternohyoid + Sternothyroid + Thyrohyoid RE
300 Moderately advanced disease WITH gross extrathyroidal extension invading - Cricoid cartilage - Esophagus - Larynx - Parathyroid - Recurrent laryngeal nerve - Sternocleidomastoid muscle - Subcutaneous soft tissues - Trachea - Vagus nerve RE
600 Very advanced disease invading - Blood vessel(s) (major) + Carotid artery (encased) + Jugular vein + Thyroid artery or vein - Thyroid cartilage - Tumor described as "FIXED to adjacent tissues" RE
700 Very advanced disease invading - Bone - Mediastinal tissues - Prevertebral fascia - Skeletal muscle, other than strap or sternocleidomastoid muscle Further contiguous extension D
750 Advanced disease, NOS RE
800 No evidence of primary tumor U
999 Unknown; extension not stated Primary tumor cannot be assessed Not documented in patient record Death Certificate Only U
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