Tumor Size Summary




Code Tumor Size Description
000 No mass/tumor found
001 1 mm or described as less than 1 mm
002-988 Exact size in millimeters (2 mm to 988 mm)
989 989 millimeters or larger
990 Microscopic focus or foci only and no size of focus is given
998 Alternate descriptions of tumor size for specific sites: Familial/multiple polyposis: - Rectosigmoid and rectum (C19.9, C20.9) - Colon (C18.0, C18.2-C18.9) If no size is documented: Circumferential: - Esophagus (C15.0-C15.5, C15.8-C15.9) Diffuse; widespread: 3/4s or more; linitis plastica: - Stomach and Esophagus GE Junction (C16.0-C16.6, C16.8-C16.9) Diffuse, entire lung or NOS: - Lung and main stem bronchus (C34.0-C34.3, C34.8-C34.9) Diffuse: - Breast (C50.0-C50.6, C50.8-C50.9)
999 Unknown; Size not stated; Not documented in patient record; Size of tumor cannot be assessed; Not applicable