Summary Stage 2018: Prostate

Summary Stage 2018


**Prostate** 8000-8700, 8720-8790, 9700-9701 C619 C619 Prostate gland **Note 1:** The following sources were used in the development of this chapter * SEER Extent of Disease 1988: Codes and Coding Instructions (3rd Edition, 1998) ( * SEER Summary Staging Manual-2000: Codes and Coding Instructions ( * Collaborative Stage Data Collection System, version 02.05: * Chapter 58 *Prostate*, in the AJCC Cancer Staging Manual, Eighth Edition (2017) published by Springer International Publishing. Used with permission of the American College of Surgeons, Chicago, Illinois. **Note 2:** See the following chapters for the listed histologies * 8710-8714, 8800-8934, 8940-9137, 9141-9582: *Soft Tissue* * 8935-8936: *GIST* * 9140: *Kaposi Sarcoma* **Note 3:** See the *Urethra* chapter for transitional cell (urothelial) carcinoma of the prostatic urethra (C680). **Note 4:** Assign code 1 when there is only a TURP. **Note 5:** Imaging is not used to determine the clinical extension unless the physician clearly incorporates imaging findings into their evaluation. **Note 6:** If there is no information from the DRE, but the physician assigns a clinical extent of disease, the registrar can use that. * *Example:* DRE reveals prostate is “firm.” Physician stages the patient as a cT2a. The T2a (localized) can be used since the physician has documented this. **Note 7:** Involvement of prostatic urethra does not alter the Summary Stage code. **Note 8:** “Frozen pelvis” is a clinical term which means tumor extends to pelvic sidewall(s) (code 7). **Note 9:** When prostate cancer is an incidental finding during a prostatectomy for other reasons (for example, a cystoprostatectomy for bladder cancer), use the appropriate code for the extent of disease found.


SS2018 Description
0 In situ, intraepithelial, noninvasive
1 Localized only (localized, NOS) - Clinically apparent or inapparent tumor - Confined to prostate, NOS - Intracapsular involvement only - Invasion into (but not beyond) prostatic capsule - No extracapsular extension - One or more lobes involved
2 Regional by direct extension only - Bladder neck - Bladder, NOS - External sphincter - Extraprostatic/extracapsular extension (beyond prostate capsule), unilateral, bilateral, NOS - Extraprostatic urethra (membranous urethra) - Fixation, NOS - Levator muscles - Periprostatic tissue - Rectovesical (Denonvillier's) fascia - Rectum - Seminal vesicles - Skeletal muscle - Through capsule, NOS - Ureter(s)
3 Regional lymph node(s) involved only - Hypogastric - Iliac, NOS + External + Internal (hypogastric) (obturator), NOS - Pelvic, NOS - Periprostatic - Sacral, NOS + Lateral (laterosacral) + Middle (promontory) (Gerota’s node) + Presacral - Regional lymph node(s), NOS + Lymph node(s), NOS
4 Regional by BOTH direct extension AND regional lymph node(s) involved - Codes (2) + (3)
7 Distant site(s)/lymph node(s) involved - Distant site(s) (including further contiguous extension) + Bone + Extension to or fixation to pelvic wall or pelvic bone + "Frozen pelvis", NOS + Other organs + Penis + Sigmoid colon + Soft tissue other than periprostatic - Distant lymph node(s), NOS + Aortic (lateral [lumbar], para-aortic, periaortic, NOS) + Cervical + Common iliac + Inguinal (deep, NOS) * Node of Cloquet or Rosenmuller (highest deep inguinal) * Superficial (femoral) + Retroperitoneal, NOS + Scalene (inferior deep cervical) + Supraclavicular (transverse cervical) - Distant metastasis, NOS + Carcinomatosis + Distant metastasis WITH or WITHOUT distant lymph node(s)
9 Unknown if extension or metastasis
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